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Homeowners Insurance

Insurance for new and older homes

With or without credit scoring

Deductible options to choose from

Monthly or annual payments

Discounts for:
- Multi-policy (if you have another policy with our agency)
- New roofs
- Dwelling updates such as hail resistive roofs and electrical upgrades
- Small farms and ranches (up to 300 acres)
- Other discounts available

Renters Insurance

Contents up to $50,000

Optional theft and replacement cost coverage

Replacement Cost on Contents

Contents Coverage Limits up to $50,000

Liability Coverage Limits up to $300,000

Medical Payments Limits up to $2,000

Mobile Home Insurance

Replacement cost coverage available

Tenant or owner occupied

Contents coverage up to 2 times the mobile home limit

With or without liability coverage

Discounts Available

Payment options for up to 10 months

Flood and Wind Insurance

Lender required flood or windstorm insurance

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

Texas Windstorm Association (TWIA)

Lowest TWIA rates available

Free Quotes

Wind & hail coverage for all coastal areas

Coverage available for Renters & Homeowners

Friendly and knowledgeable agents